The Advertising Hour: Monthly Wind-Down🕯️

Hi, I’m Scott, host of The Advertising Hour podcast and writer of this newsletter.

This monthly newsletter is an expansion of The Advertising Hour podcast, where I explore the intersections of advertising, self-development, creativity and technology.

Unwind & Learn With Me 📖

This is my space for reflection and sharing. Each month I’ll aim to bring you topics, insights and resources that you can relax into, learn from and that provides us all with a balanced dose of fresh-thinking to leave our neurons firing and hearts smiling.

Each month you can expect a variation of:

  • Key lessons and anecdotes surfaced from The Advertising Hour podcast

  • Book recommendations & reviews

  • Podcast recommendations

  • Software recommendations & reviews

  • Article, video and social media recommendations

  • Interviews

  • Advertising lessons, insights and how-to’s

  • Entries straight from my personal journal (oh sh**)

You can expect plenty of hip-hop 🎧, sports 🏀 & gaming 🎮 references, too.

My Goals ✍️

Selfishly, I just wanted a place to curate my thoughts, explore my curiosity and think-out-loud. I do this offline and so I’m bringing that process online with the hope that perhaps it helps other people in their journey of self-analysis and self-development.

I’m a marketer and a writer that is constantly trying to find the best version of myself.

The version of myself that’s creatively comfortable.


Please send all thoughts, questions or feedback to